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Gillian Anderson Quotes (2002 -1998):


  • Ross: You were filming in Vancouver for 5 years and David Duchovny through a fit and you moved to LA.

    Anderson: No that's not true. We were told we would be in Vancouver for a year, and as the show moved from cult status to mainstream TV, and David was promised no more than 5 years. We never thought it would last that long. Well 5 years passed and David said lets go. After all he was married, and now has children.

    Ross: David seems as superficial as I am, just enjoying life.

    Anderson: No he is quite the opposite. He is very deep. I have to defend him here. He is quite deep.

    Ross: Well the next time he comes over I'll have to play tennis with him, and quote poetry. No that won't work, he knows too much about poetry.

    Anderson: He plays tennis, so you might want to think about that. If you play basketball with him, he will cream you.

    Ross: David is surfer dude, right?

    Anderson: Yes he started surfing a while ago. I took it up a couple of years ago, and Chris Carter has been surfing for years. It's funny because the 3 of us live just a few minutes from each other in Malibu.

    Ross: You got great reviews in the movie House of Mirth.

    Anderson: Thank you. David told me when he saw the film, it was like dying a slow death from a paper cut. It sounds as though he hated it, but in fact it was his way of expressing what my character had to go through. -- (Johnathon Ross Radio Show, November 30, 2002)

  • DW: How important was the chemistry between Mulder and Scully to the success of the show?
    "I'm only just realising how essential that was now - now that there is something to miss. It's particular to David and I and I do miss it. I'm glad that he's back so that we can play around with it for a little while longer before the show ends, but it was central and I don't think I ever realised how central it was until the other half of it wasn't there any more."

    DW: How was it to be directed by David again?
    "David's directed a couple of episodes before and it's good to have him back. He's very relaxed as a director and he knows what he wants and he creates a good atmosphere on set. It's nice to have him back in that capacity before we get back into doing scenes together. I think it's a nice transition for him, so it's been fun." -- (Dreamwatch, August 2002)

  • "I don't think I had a clear conscious thought about the chemistry until it started to be brought to my attention. You know, by, you know doing press and people saying: "What about chemistry between you and David?" It was definitely there, it still is. I mean, thereís something that canít be explained about it. Itís no rhyme or reason. [laughs] You know, itís just there when we are together in front of the camera, and even ... [pause] ... well, generally in front of the camera [laughs]. Itís just something that kind of clicks in and for whatever reason. But thank God. I mean, itís just some people have that together and some people donít, and I think it was a huge, in retrospect, it was a huge aspect of why we stuck together, of why the show continued. You know, people would talking about it early on and I would think, "yeah well thatís an aspect of it, but thatís not you know...", but thatís a big aspect, it really is. I donít think I realized that until it was wasn't there anymore." -- (The X-Files Official Site, June 6, 2002)

  • "If you ask me, we should have ended it two years ago," Anderson says. "They couldn't have found two better actors [Patrick and Gish] to take over, but the show was about Mulder and Scully. I think it was a difficult transition for the audience to make." That's why she was so pleased that Duchovny was returning for the finale. "I was very excited to see him and to have the Mulder-Scully experience again," Anderson says. It's something indescribable that can't be duplicated, and that's a wonderful thing the two of us have together." -- (TV Guide 'The Exit Files' May 18-24, 2002 by Mark Nollinger)

  • David [Duchovny] actually called me. He was going to be writing an episode -- somebody else wrote it, based on his idea -- and directing it. He called me up a month or two before he was going to direct it and said, 'Is there anything that you were never able to do that you've always wanted to do?' Which, first of all, was an incredibly sweet and generous gesture," she says. -- (Zap2It: Anderson Closes Out Her Final 'X-File' May 1, 2002 by Kate O'Hare)

  • "I think it's great," Anderson says. "I didn't realize how important it would be for that to happen. When I heard, I was very excited - he called me, and we had a conversation about the fact that he was coming back and possibly going to be directing. "I guess I didn't realize how much I was missing him and how integral he was," the actress says. "I mean, I understood that, but I guess I didn't realize that we needed his presence to make a necessary closure." -- (The New York Times: Gillian Anderson Prepares to "X-It")

  • DW: Can you talk about your last day on the set with David Duchovny. After all these years as Scully and Mulder, how did it feel knowing you may never work with him again?
    It was strange, because last year so many episodes were about Mulder so he was still around and it never really felt like he was gone. Everybody kept asking "What is it like without David?", but it didn't feel like he wasn't around. So that last day was surreal. I think a part of my brain was trying to ignore the fact that it was approaching, so I was kind of going about my day as if it were any other day then we ended up in this scene with this dialogue that was the end for that stage of our relationship. All of a sudden I think he was more aware of it and was being really mindful of that last scene. I blocked it out until the last moment where all of a sudden it hit me, that this person that I was standing in front of as I know him and have known him for such a long time, that this aspect of our relationship was coming to a close. We embraced and I just burst into tears. We held our embrace for a really long time and I think it was just flooding over us, the importance of this agreement that we've had to be in each other's lives in a very powerful way.

    DW: So what is the reality of this new season without David?
    I love all the new characters. [The actors are] just wonderful human beings. It's a real pleasure working with them, but on the other hand David is not here and there was something that we shared as actors and characters that cannot be reproduced. Not that anybody is trying to reproduce it, but it's just not the same. There was an energy between us that was very powerful and very profound. I miss that and Scully misses that. When we were taping the first and second episodes this year I think I referred to Doggett as Mulder by accident, which I had done way at the beginning with him. It was like there's some part of me that is still in that rhythm, expecting that familiarity. -- (Dreamwatch, January 2002)


  • But she does miss David Duchovny, her partner for eight seasons. "We shared such an important chunk of our lives, and now this person I once knew itimately is no longer around. I miss his humor and his presence, and especially what our characters shared," she says. -- (USA Weekend Oct 14, 2001)

  • What you think about x philes, about the level of devotion?
    You know, sometimes I don't understand it because I'm not a tv watcher and I've never been passionate about a particular show. And then ... David and I will get together and do a scene together or I'll watch a scene that we've done and it just ... it tugs on something inside of me .... and all of a sudden, I get it. There's something historical there. I think I know enough about Files, in general ... to last a lifetime! -- (Yahoo Chat May 15, 2001)

  • "You know it's been strange because we are at the end of the season now so I've done a slew of episodes with David, so it feels like we've still been working together. It never felt like he was completely gone, which is good, it was that sort of mentality." -- (Kevin and Bean Show, 4/6/01)


  • Gillian refuses to give details, and instead becomes philosphical. "What is fascinating to me about life," she says, "is that the most important people in our lives are those who bring us the most pain." Ouch. "There were aspects of him that were very uncomfortable for me. And by the same token, I think that under it all there was a great deal of mutual understanding with the situation that we found ourselves in. And by the grace of God, no matter what, we showed up and there was chemistry." -- (October 21, 2000 Times Magazine, 'Playing With Fire' by Grace Bradberry)


  • "In the past, I've gone towards dangerous men. I wouldn't consider Tom Cruise dangerous. I do think David Duchovny is dangerous." -- (Cosmo, May 1999)


  • For the record, Anderson says she and Duchovny get along really well. "It's remarkable what ends up on screen," she says. "It's just a consistently strong relationship. It's just constant tension and it's great." -- ("Scully Heats Things Up" Toronto Star Movie Critic by Peter Howell, June 25, 1998)

  • "But there's no doubt he is an incredibly attractive man, mostly because of his sense of self and his charisma. He has a certain arrogance that's very appealing to women. I could see us at some point going on a date. But I don't know how long it would last. I don't see myself as his type." -- (Movieline 1998)

  • "There is something that happens between the two of us when we're on camera. And no matter what moods either us are in- it's there. And thank God." -- (X-Files on "Primetime Live", 1998)

  • Even the stars got involved in the debate. In 1996 Anderson confessed: "It would be great to get into the sack with David and let everyone see Scully and Mulder enjoy the greatest sex in the world with each other. I think it's time she let loose some of that hidden passion."

    "But I'm afraid it'll have to remain a dream. If David and I did make love on screen it would spoil the chemistry that's built up between us. The producers know this and have banned romance." -- (By Simon Trent from Now Magazine (in UK) in December, 1998)

  • "I would say the perception that there's animosity between us is incorrect. It's much more complex than that. It's a complicated relationship. We work very well together. Sometimes we have a lot of fun in the process, make jokes and pull pranks. Sometimes it's just showing up for work. But we don't socialize. That's basically it." -- (by Bob Strauss E-Online The X-Files Movie, 1998)

  • Scully and Mulder come very, very close to a kiss in the movie - what was doing that scene like for you?
    "It was really close, wasn't it? I mean, it was, like, a millimeter away. It was pretty hot - it was pretty good. And it was up to me to do the moment where I broke it and the bee stung me. So it was fun to play with how long we could make it last before we actually touched." -- (TV Guide, 1998)

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