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1. When Gillian found out she was pregnant, who is the first person she told?
Chris Carter
David Duchovny
Mitch Pileggi

2. What band did David and Gillian see in concert together?
Foo Fighters
Bare Naked Ladies

3. On the Martin Short Show, what did Gillian say that David and her did in Vancouver?
They had dinner together.
They studied scripts together.
They dated.

 4. What did David say he did to Gillian during the CPR scene in Fight The Future?
Accidentally touched her breast
Kissed her.
Put his tongue in her mouth.

5. What did Gillian do to David while filming Signs and Wonders?
Bit his face
Slapped him
Rest his head on her chest

6. How did Gillian describe the "Hallway Kiss" in Fight The Future?
"It was a lot of fun, because David is so sexy."
"It was pretty hot, it was pretty good."
"David and I enjoyed kissing."

7. Who did David say Gillian reminded him of?
Tea Leoni
His mother
A combination of people

8. What event allowed David to no longer tell people that Gillian and him don’t socialize?
Going to a concert together.
Kissing at the 1997 Golden Globes.
David and Tea’s house warming party.

9. What quality does Gillian most admire about David?
His intelligence
His sense of humor
His "smooth sexuality".

10. In Gillian’s script ‘All Things’, what was her gift to David?
Mulder and Scully sleeping together.
Giving Mulder limited screen time.
Allowing Mulder to wear something other than a suit.