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Miscellaneous Quotes:

    So then what do you make of our cover shot? (Rolling Stone)
    That's David and Gillian in bed, not Mulder and Scully.

    DUCHOVNY: Oh, my God. Gillian, look at that.

    ALIEN: (to crowd) Out of my freaking way you jerk-off! (exits)

    DUCHOVNY: (still in embrace) I think it's an alien!

    ANDERSON: (Scully mode) No. No, see, that's a weather balloon. Yeah, that's it. A weather balloon. With, um, sunspots.

    DUCHOVNY: Oh. Really? Wow, it's funny how your eyes play tricks on you like that. I remember once when - Uh!!

    (GA begins passionately kissing him. Crowd cheers. Immediate cut to booth. Sound of crowd reacting to kissing going on.)

    ANNOUNCER: OK, then, it looks like the action's finished down there.

    ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah. Nothing left to see.

    ANNOUNCER: Except Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny kissing.

    ANNOUNCER 2: And nobody wants to see that.

    July 20, 1999

    Silverchair's most surprising fan? "Actually Scully from The X-Files," answers drummer Ben Gillies, referring of course to actress Gillian Anderson.

    "She's a bit of a fan. That was a surprise. We went to this little photo shoot that they were doing and she came up and said, 'Hello.' She said, 'I'm really into you guys, I've liked you for a few years.' I was like, cool. She had a bunch of CDs with her and she put ours on. She said to us while we were there that they were shooting an episode and that if we wanted to go down and have a look we were welcome. So we did. We went down, and that's where we met David Duchovny. We had a gig that night and we invited them along, and they actually ended up coming." - (Murray Engleheart)

    [Interviewer] Q: What's your take on his relationship with Gillian Anderson?
    [Tea Leoni] A: It's complicated. It rivals some sibling relationships I've seen. And some married couples I've seen."

  • David Lynch comments on his lead actresses in "Mulholland Drive"...
    Commentary from a respected director about on-screen/off-screen relationships

    "Laura and Naomi have great chemistry together," says Lynch of his yin-yang glamour girls. "They've become great friends, and they're so different, and when a thing feeds, you know, when people's relationship off the screen gets deeper, it adds to the film, and it's a beautiful thing." (Village Voice.Com October 10-16, 2001)

  • E! Online Celebrity Sightings
    David Duchovny - Lauren - (Jan 19, 2000, 12:59 PM)
    I was an extra on the X-files a while ago. I know Gillian Anderson really well, too. I was talking to her at the time. None other then the sexy David came up behind me said hello and gave Gillian a REALLY big kiss. I couldn't stop smiling, it was sooooooooo sweet (neither could she!!)! [View article]

  • Kim Manners commentary on The X-Files 8th Season DVD - NEW!
    "As they come together to kiss," Manners says, "you'll see the camera pull out of the door and that was the last shot of David and Gillian together. We wrapped and David and Gillian stood in that room together alone and held each other for a good five minutes. They didn't talk. They didn't move. They just held each other, tears running down their faces." -- Toronto Sun: Showbiz

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