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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you people?
David and Gillian Shippers are people that support a relationship between David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

Where did you people come from?
We're from all over the world. The majority are from Europe, America and Canada. There are about 200 David and Gillian Shippers that I know of.

Why are you people doing this?
Some have claimed that this site is caused by the fact that I have way too much time on my hands. Where that is true in some respect, it is not the entire reason. This is a site about freedom of expression. I want to express my opinion.

Now for my favorite question...
"Is this for real?! Were you all dropped on your head when you were young or were your mothers' addicted to heroin or something? REALITY CHECK! Mulder and Scully=fiction, Anderson and Duchovny=real, live breathing people with feelings. This is just bizarre! People wonder why the paparazzi stalk celebrities-it's because of the is sort of immature moronic speculation into the private lives of the famous. Who gives a damn? There is a world out there-go find it. This actually makes my skin crawl. If you consider yourself a true fan of either Gillian or David, let them enjoy their personal lives, it is their business and their alone. Let them have some space." - Kate January 9, 2000
First of all, Kate gets bonus points for using the phrase 'immature moronic speculation' in a sentence. (cough) Yes, this is for real. No, I was never dropped on my head when I was young. And I don't recall my mother doing any heroin before, during or after my birth. Of course she always had that weird twitch..hmm... Anyway, I am fully aware that David and Gillian are real people. This site was designed in no way to offend them or intefere with their personal life. It is merely a collection of facts and stories that support my theory about their relationship. All of my pictures, quotes and bios are taken from sources that you most likely have already seen. I'm not peering any farther than you are, I'm just making judgements from my findings. As far as having a life, I will simply have to quote Mulder on this one: "I have seen the life on this planet, Scully and that is exactly why I am looking elsewhere."

Why does it take so long for you to update?
There are usually two different reasons for this:
(1.) Unfortunately David and Gillian news that would pertain to this site does not occur on a daily basis.
(2.) There's this thing my family and friends have been referring to as "reality". Sometimes I get sucked into it. If I ever make it through one of these unfortunate experiences, I usually find that my website isn't updated.

Do you honestly believe those Rumors?
Webster's New World Dictionary defines a rumor as a story told as news, which may or may not be true and which is passed from person to person. I consider myself a rational, reasonable human being. Of course I understand that some of the "rumors" passed along to me, are certainly not true. I still find them entertaining.

Why do you hate Tea Leoni???
This is one of my favorite questions, because its so easy to answer. I DON'T HATE TEA LEONI. I have nothing against the woman. My site supports David and Gillian. It has nothing to do with Tea.

What Happened to the "Old" DAGS?
After the closure of DAGS in March of 2001, I had decided not to re-open the same site. The experience left me very drained. I still wanted to keep DAGS alive, because it was very important to me. I just decided to go back to my original concept of compiling facts that supported my opinion about their relationship.

Where's the fanfic???
I made the decision to no longer host fanfic on my site. End of story. Please do not email me requesting that I send you fanfic. I apologize for this sounding kind of rude, but there it is.

I hope this answered all questions you had about the site. If not please leave a question in the guestbook, or email me directly at uncovered@hotmail.com. Thanks!