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It's Complicated

In my research, I seemed to come across the phrase "it's complicated" in a lot of David and Gillian's responses to questions about their relationship. I always thought that answer was interesting, and decided to devote a section to the web site containing that response.

  • Duchovny: "I think [our relationship] is one of those ones that's so kind of longstanding and so many things are unspoken. It's almost familial in that way. I'm a firm believer that you recreate your family situations at work. She's a combination of a few people. I won't say who. But it's complicated."

  • Q: With David Duchovny is it the case that you don t get along?
    A:Our relationship, it's true, is a little complicated. Let's say that there are a lot of concessions we both have to make. But overall, we do get along.

  • "We have a very complicated relationship that I donít think can be picked up by anyone who visits the set or imagines the atmosphere on the set," says Anderson. "Itís one that has developed changed and shifted and grown over five years, but itís certainly not one of discord or animosity or anything. I donít even know how to describe it. Thereís a lot of care there, I think."

    (David's tree metaphor for, it's complicated)
  • Anderson: Here's one for you. How do you perceive our relationship?
    Duchovny: It's like the roots of a tree. It's very twisted, but it's growing. You know the tree is alive, and it works in it's own treelike ways, yet you couldn't untangle it. You could, but you'd need the help of a gifted professional.

  • "I couldn't care less about the rumours that we don't get along. Whether what is out there is truth or fiction, there's nothing that can be done or said. Some absurd and some accurate things have been said about our relationship. I don't think anybody could understand it. It's complicated, ever-changing. Our relationship is good. We basically show up on the set and work." -- Gillian Anderson

  • "It is frosty," Gillian Anderson agrees when she is read Duchovny's description of their relationship. "But it's accurate." She laughs. "It's not that we don't like each other. It's complicated."

  • [Interviewer] Q: What's your take on his relationship with Gillian Anderson?
    [Tea Leoni] A: It's complicated. It rivals some sibling relationships I've seen. And some married couples I've seen."

  • "I would say the perception that there's animosity between us is incorrect. It's much more complex than that. It's a complicated relationship. We work very well together. Sometimes we have a lot of fun in the process, make jokes and pull pranks. Sometimes it's just showing up for work. But we don't socialize. That's basically it." -- Gillian Anderson