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David Duchovny Quotes (2001-1998):



  • David Duchovny talked about his relationship with Gillian, during which they showed the "Existence" kiss. He called their relationship "a marriage in itself, with all the love and discomfort that comes with that." O'Brien asked "is it more love or more discomfort?"
    And David said, "It depends on the day, but overall there's more love there." O"Brien then asked "Do you like her?" And David said "Yeah I do." Then they joked around about that becoming a sound byte, and David says "Now you'll ask 'Do you hate her?' and cut in my reply "Yes I do." And O'Brien playfully did just that - apparently to illustrate how the media has distorted things between David and Gillian in the past. -- (Access Hollywood, May 2002: transcribed by Iris)

  • "I feel like I've split up from The X-Files more times than Liz Taylor [has divorced]," Duchovny cracks. "What remains is really just a sense of satisfaction for what the show has been and for the people I've been able to work with -- Gillian especially." -- (TV Guide 'The Exit Files' May 18-24, 2002 by Mark Nollinger)

  • You also finally gave The X-Files viewers what they wanted and kissed Agent Scully in your final episode.
    Yes, I did finally kiss Gillian. Originally, I was supposed to kiss her on the forehead. I said, "Come on, we've been teasing for so long, let's have a real kiss. Let's make it a romantic ending." -- (E! Online Q&A by Jeanne Wolf, June 6, 2001)

  • Although Duchovny and Anderson didn't enjoy a cozy friendship off-screen, Duchovny nonetheless found the last day--the moment of the big kiss--the culmination of years of the characters' pent-up attraction, to be "very emotional. It kind of crept up on me. It crept up on all of us. I just wanted to keep shooting that scene and hold on to it, but it had to end. -- ("Alien Notions" LA Times By Rachel Abramowitz, June 6, 2001)


  • "We have a working relationship that works for us on the set. She's very focused. She doesn't move on unless she's happy with what she's done, which is nice, especially in a film. On a TV show, sometimes it's two in the morning and you want to get home. It was a decent take; it wasn't your best, but it was good enough and you can sleep. But she usually does another one at that point, which I always find pretty impressive." -- (Perenson, Melissa. "Fox Mulder Goes Hollywood." Sci-Fi Entertainment Dec. 1998)

  • "When I play a scene with Gillian Anderson, there are always little looks between us which mean 'what do you think about what's happening?' It's a little as if we have secrets between us. Everything is conveyed by communication beyond words. Perhaps, after all, you could interpret that as love. But from that to imagining Mulder and Scully as a couple? I don't think that's going to happen one day." -- (Duchovny X-Rayed. Nov, 1998)

  • [Translated back into English from German] Q: We haven't talked about your partner Gillian Anderson. It was rumored that the two of you had had an affair.
    A: "Gillian and I have a brother-sister relationship. If you work with someone daily for twelve hours, that person, if she is smart - and Gillian is smart - shouldn't want to meet the other person after hours. That's also true for the other way round." Q: Can you remember being naked in Gillian Anderson's trailer? [referring, I think, to a GA interview where she said she'd seen David naked in her trailer and he was in 'good shape.'] A: "I'd mixed up the trailers. I thought it was mine, I went in and stripped down. Gillian was more shocked than I was." -- (Loessl, Ulrich. "Mr. X." German GQ Oct. 1998)

  • "There is no relationship because we work so much together. I expect her to show up for work and to know her lines and she expects the same of me. That may sound like not a lot but that is actually a lot. At first, they said we were in love. It has been five years since so the tabloids are now saying that we are fighting. I imagine that next we will be in love again. It's pitiful. There isn't much to write about aside from the movie coming up. Everything has been said about my relationship with Gillian. All I can tell you is I am glad she comes to work every morning prepared and professional. But when the whistle blows, I hand in my time card and I do not want to see her or Chris Carter or Rob Bowman or anybody from X-Files. I just want to go home and forget about it. I don't mean any malice. I'm sure she'll say the same thing." -- ("The Not-So-Secret Files on David Duchovny." The Philippine Star 8 August 1998)

  • "We have a professional relationship, where, you know, I come to work, and I work with her for 12 or 14 hours for ten months out of the year. . . . So there are days when you can't stand each other and there are days when you are very happy that there's somebody that you trust professionally, there on the other side of the camera, to have done their work and to be professional. But when the bell rings--you know, when the whistle blows--I don't want to see anybody from the set. Gillian Anderson, Chris Carter, I don't want any of them near me, because it's time for my life now, and I want to be alone." -- (Helen Morton. GMTV (UK) 15 August 1998)

  • "We work long hours together, many months out of the year, we're both still alive and that's a testament to a successful relationship. I trust her to show up and be prepared and not waste my time, and she trusts me to do the same. We don't socialise." -- (Brooks, Libby. "Agent Provocative." The Guardian. 31 July 1998)

  • "She's the other one holding the other side of the rope. I mean, I rely on her, I trust her, and she does me." -- (Charlie Rose. PBS 18 June 1998)

  • "Téa and I--my wife--just had a little party in our new house, and it's my first party that I've ever given really in my life, and Gillian came. I invited Gillian and she came. And when she came, I said, you know, this is really screwed up because I can't, any longer, say that we don't socialize." -- (Charlie Rose. PBS 18 June 1998)

  • "It's like being married to somebody, but it's like being married when Sun Myung Moon said, 'You go with that one.' So some days it's great and some days it's not. It's a working relationship that is extremely close and has all the joys and difficulties of that.'' -- (Strauss, Bob. X Marks the New Spot: Move From TV to Film a Trick for Carter and Duchovny." Boston Globe 14 June 1998: N-09)

  • "She's a really hardworking actress. When you're tired and you want to move on, she stays in there. She always tries to do it as well as she can, despite fatigue or lack of attention. And that can be pretty inspiring--and pretty infuriating." Mixon, Veronica. -- ("William Shatner's Heir Apparent, or America's Newest Leading Man?" Online. E! Online. Internet. 11 June 1998)

  • "There is no such thing as anybody doing anything on the show alone. I don't do anything without Gillian and she doesn't do anything without me. [S]o it's really dealing with other people's perceptions and trying to stoke rivalries between us that really have no place in the relationship that we have." -- (Cummings, Jean. "Past and Future." X-Posé Special Issue No. 4 1998)

  • When asked if they discuss their personal problems with each other: "Not really. I mean occasionally if the problems are pressing they come to work. Professionally you try and leave your problems at home, but sometimes they come to work because you can deal with them better with the people you work with. But I wouldn't say that I am a confidante of hers and she is not a confidante of mine. We have a good working relationship, and if she needed help I'd definitely be there but I don't think I'd be the first person she'd come to." -- (Cummings, Jean. "Past and Future." X-Posé Special Issue No. 4 1998).

  • The rumor is that you and Gillian shot a take where you kissed. True?
    "No, no, no. No. It was just like, we were acting like it was, like, a gross carnal coupling, you know? It was a joke for the crew and forus. The actual kissing and you know - that was never a part of the movie and so we never would have shot that, no. The only time we did that was as a joke. Gillian and I did it to our liking and then I said, you know, "Let's do one, let's do one where we - I take you up against the wall here." But that was never- there was never any thought - we were outside of the camera's view actually at that point, so that's not even on film." -- (TV Guide, 1998)

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