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Duchovny: Me And Gillian Aren't Friends
March 20, 2003
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Hollywood actor David Duchovny never had an off-screen friendship with his sexy X-Files co-star Gillian Anderson - although he insists they're "soulmates".

Anderson recently revealed Duchovny - who's married to movie babe Tea Leoni - made it clear there would be no behind-the-scenes friendship between the pair on the hit TV show.

The flame-haired stunner also said she thought the whole X-Files experience, which has come to an end after nine seasons, would have been easier if the pair had developed a relationship.

But while Duchovny agrees they weren't close, he insists they do share a strong bond.

He says, "It is not like we do not get on. We are somehow joined, at some significant level, for ever, for as long as we are alive, not just in the public's mind but our own. To have worked so long together at that intensity, to have gone through so many huge changes in our personal, professional and public lives, means that we have a very deep bond. We have never had a friendship of like minds, but we are soulmates in some senses. I love her and I think she loves me, but we do not have a huge interest in each other as people outside of this work connection."