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The Martin Short Show
by Martin Short (November 4, 1999)

[See the interview]

MARTIN: When Gillian came to our house, my daughter's the biggest X-Files fan, she had her bedroom covered with posters. And you sweetly went up and signed David Duchovny's name. Which I thought that was nice.

MARTIN: (Gillian laughs) I actually drew a mustache on David Duchovny.

Did you two ever have sexual tension?

GILLIAN: Do you mean in person or on the show?

MARTIN: No, no, no not in person, yeah, in person. You were both single at one point, weren't you, working together.

GILLIAN: Yeah, I guess so...

MARTIN: He's a good looking lad, as we say, in Canada.

GILLIAN: He's a very good looking lad.

MARTIN: ... and you're quite the looker.

GILLIAN: I think that everybody has sexual tension with David.

MARTIN: My question wasn't about everybody, my question was about you.

GILLIAN: (Gillian giggles) Well, yeah, I think you just automatically do with him. He exudes ... sexuality.

MARTIN: Wow. (audience screams)

GILLIAN: It's true.

MARTIN: Did you ever have a date?

GILLIAN: Did we ever have a date? No, we had a few meals together. But I don't think they were ever dates.

MARTIN: So it never got to the point of that. Well it is weird when you're working together.


MARTIN: You were on location in Vancouver, which is usually...

GILLIAN: Yeah, and I was in a relationship at the time. And you know, we had pasta together.

MARTIN: Yeah, that's it?

GILLIAN: Uh huh.

MARTIN: Yeah. Now you moved your show to Los Angeles Cal, of course you're not on location, so there's not that temptation anyway? (sarcastically)

GILLIAN: Riiight. I guess. No, I mean, he's married, he has a child, we're friends, we've got seven years...

MARTIN: Not now, I don't mean now. You have a little daughter, he has a little daughter...

GILLIAN: Exactly.

MARTIN: I'm talking about at the beginning?

GILLIAN: At the beginning...well at the beginning we weren't in LA.

MARTIN: I know.

GILLIAN: Uh-huh.